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Wellness Evolved

Apr 17, 2019

Rejuvenating our mindfulness power of pause program is a current goal. I am so proud of our mindfulness team of 57 Evo guides. These are people who have dedicated a full day of training on the power of pause and who are going through monthly classes on how to be mindfulness advocates and practice stress reduction. This episode is a quick recap on what the power of pause is and the benefits on a team level.

Then I have an interview with Michael Kapoulis the 2018 general manager of the year from the Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf.  His entire team has beautifully and openly embraced the power of pause. We talk about how this helps teams on a business level and each individual on a personal level. We also talk about implementing different techniques for different sectors such as engineering, housekeeping, and the front desk.

Show Notes

  • [03:34] The power of pause at Evolution Hospitality is our custom created program that brings together brain science, psychology, and mindfulness to help every evolutionary live up to their full potential.
  • [04:18] The best way to help the power of pause to grow organically is to recruit other people into the movement as power of pause champions.
  • [05:02] Ask enthusiastic group members if they would like to be champions and just ask for volunteers.
  • [05:28] To train other power of pause champions work with them over the phone or in private. Have them read the script and practice with you before they are in a team setting.
  • [06:00] You can also empower them using the voice recordings. Consistency is key so ask that person to lead the pause every day.
  • [07:30] Taking a moment to pause can diffuse a sticky situation with guests.
  • [08:47] Ask employees to take a personal pause before they come to meetings.
  • [11:50] Michael was the general manager at Hotel Adagio and now he's the general manager at Hyatt Centric. Both of these properties are busy tourist destinations in a union stronghold. Michael still found time to embody the culture and embrace the power of pause.
  • [12:58] The guiding principles really helped things at the hotel Adagio. It also solidified the relationship with the team at the Hyatt Centric.
  • [13:40] Michael believes if you take care of your people, they will be there for you.
  • [13:56] Starting the power of pause just takes a couple moments first thing in the morning. It also creates a cohesive team energy.
  • [15:14] The housekeepers are the hardest-working evolutionaries. There was a joy when we all found calm together.
  • [16:20] Michael has a pause with the team, and it helps unite them and lets them know that they are not on their own.
  • [16:55] Michael is all about the team and treating people with respect.
  • [17:23] It's the one-year anniversary of launching the power of pause. We are also training Evo Revolution guides.
  • [18:27] Michael and his partner do something like play a game before bed that doesn't involve screens. This enables Michael to sleep a full 8 hours soundly. The digital detox is very beneficial.
  • [19:30] One of our guiding principles is leading by example. Michael embodies this.
  • [20:14] Michael thinks of the happiest place on earth, Disney, when he takes a pause. This is his happy place.
  • [22:14] Michael's favorite guiding principle is make it better than it was before.
  • [23:20] Michael's advice for new leaders is to truly get to know the people you are working with.

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