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Wellness Evolved

Feb 19, 2020

What happens if you are not mindful of your energy as a leader?  Whether your energy is positive or stuck in discomfort, your team will pick up on your mood and mirror your attitude. Evolution Hospitality's Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Romie, hosts this episode of "Wellness Evolved" as we discuss managing through change at our properties.

Campus & General Manager Michael Murray oversees operations at three hotels and over 200 team members on the Redondo Beach Campus. Michael shares how mindfulness, servant-leadership, and Evo's guiding principles are helping his team navigate growth and change of his campus and the current organizational change in the company.

Murray's advice on managing organizational change is to make sure that team members know that they have a seat on the bus.  He discusses the importance of trusting the process, transparency in communication, and the role of mindfulness to build trust.  Hear how their team implemented Evo's corporate mindfulness program, The Power of Pause,  with the help of his property's Campus Culture Committee.

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