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Wellness Evolved

May 8, 2019

This week, we're rewinding to bring you an episode from earlier this year. Please enjoy!

Emotions and behaviors are contagious like the flu virus- especially the workplace. The behavioral contagion effect is a well-documented effect in brain science that refers to the propensity for certain behavior exhibited by one person to be copied by others. This is also true of the workplace, the perceived leader's actions and emotions are felt by the entire team. Are you really the perceived leader in the room? Brain science shows that just because you have the title or seniority, it does not mean you are the perceived leader. In this episode of the Evolution Hospitality's Wellness Evolved podcast, you will learn how the behavioral contagion effect plays out in the workplace. Learn how our custom mindfulness program called, "The Power of Pause", is a solution to center yourself back into a calm mindset, control your emotions, and positively impact the collective emotions and behaviors of all of your team members.